What Day Traders are Expecting from Stock Recommendation Provider?

Every traders has their own strategy and goal to achieve profits in daily basis with their own capital. Stock market is a place where the amount invested in positional calls or day trading should be monitored by someone to safe guard the capital. In our life time we are expecting something from someone even personally or officially to earn money in business. Without dependent on some body we are unable to live independent. Like the same still many of day traders and positional investors are confused to choose an stock market advisory company. But in simple words the expectation of day traders are very simple is to earn profits in stock market with minimizing loss and maximizing profits. Let’s see below what are all the factors that day traders are expecting from Stock recommendation provider like us.

  1. Getting Calls In Right Time
  2. Complete Follow-up Calls
  3. Maintaining High accuracy
  4. Transparency in Performance up-dation
  5. Reasonable Subscription cost

Getting Calls In Right Time

calls on right time

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Everyone in stock market says that we provide tension free calls will receive in right time, but I dont know how many of them are following the same. Actually the mobile SMS or any other mode of receiving calls will speak to customers daily on our behalf. If suppose it collapse totally will be collapsed. “The first impression is the best impression” like the proverb calls need to reach to customer mobile in advance as we provide. For this service we and others are dependent on others like SMS service providers ,what else we are thinking to give profitable calls to customer but sometimes it delays in delivery and it happens for us, on that time we give compensation as extension of duration. So atleast customer gets profitable calls by extending his validity. We are even trying to give calls in Whatsapp so online customers will receive instantly without missing profits, after getting implemented it will be announced officially.

Complete Follow-up Calls

follow up calls

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Right time alert providing for any service will give a happy moment to customer to safe guard or intimate customer that the expectation as reached. Like the same Follow-up calls in daily providing calls are very important. If the given call triggers late after 30 minutes or even later we need to give an intimation that given call triggered. After the call gets live and reaches the expectation like target or stop loss we need to intimate them that the call as reached target 1 or target 2 or stop loss hit. Sometimes market may not perform as per our expectation so we can intimate to book profits or loss at certain levels to safe the capital like minimizing the loss. Proper way of communication will make customer more aware about the service and gives more confidence to continue the service.

Maintaining High Accuracy 

maintaining high accuracy

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Maintaining High accuracy is like a very high tough task for the stock market advisory companies even though we are following very easily. The only reason to maintain high accuracy is our sincerity, dedication, technical awareness and usage of proper tools in the software handled. The complete credit goes to technical person which he is very much experienced in stock market more than 20 years. But also he got updated himself to the modern trend and usage of charts and candlestick patterns. The call which we provide should reach at right time so the entry and exit point can gives profits. The accuracy level is measured on how many calls provided, how much reached target. As concerned by me only one sureshot call will work out to make profits. Consistency is making profits is very much important rather doing many number of calls per day. We are maintaining 85% accuracy and we are aiming to give above 90% we think very soon we will achieve the same.

Transparency in Performance Up-dation

transparency performance updation

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Transparency in Performance up-dation is another challenging thing for stock advisory companies as if the poor performance updated customer will not join. We are following strictly that we need to update only original performance at any task we will not leave that. Because we do not want to do like others. Even though if our performance is poor at any time we have the confidence and hope that we will cover the loss happened, so only genuine performance will be updated in our website. We guarantee for the same. So as we are doing good, we do not have any negative reviews or comments in online about our website. It is a best good credit for us which given by our customers.

Reasonable Subscription Cost

monthly subscription

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Reasonable Subscription cost is another factor to keep in idea while choosing an stock recommendation provider. We are in online for nearly 8 years and this website was launched at November 2010 before 2010 it was running in another different name, due to some unavoidable situation we are unable to continue that. So from 2010 the pricing for the packages we charge was very nominal, recently now in August 2015 we revised our price very nominally. We do not give any kind of promotional offers or festival offers as like other companies give, why because already we are having very low subscription fees with high good quality service where nobody can provide. Sometimes quality product will costs higher, but in our part quality calls are reaching to customers mobile with low nominal subscription fees. 

So hope you agree that all above given are the main factors that customer like you are expecting from Stock recommendation provider. If not in past from now even check all above factors before choosing an Stock recommendation provider. We hope that we full fill  all the above to our customers.

As a customer or reader of our website if you expect any other than above given,we expect to write comment so we will plan to give the best service to all. Your Like, Share, Comment to this post will show you are the best reader of the post.

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40 thoughts on “What Day Traders are Expecting from Stock Recommendation Provider?

  1. i called on given number but i could not understand what the reciver is saying to me ,, neither he tried to understand my concern , anyways i need to have one day trial now then 4 days n after that will take right desision …
    thank you

    1. We are providing recommendations on Intraday trading and we are providing the same..You no need to worry reg the stock hike..There are so many strategies, oscillators, parameters to measure on the stock, cannot be said in single comment or email..

        1. kindly check our paid trial which is more worth and also we do not offer any free trial to anybody. Only Rs.502 for Equity cash and Rs501, Rs503 for Nifty Future and Stock Future respectively. Without trading our calls on trial and you can check to proceed to go further with monthly subscription or not and also we update only Genuine performance updation in our website..

  2. thank you for the update. The recommendations given by you need to be implemented meticulously so as to minimize losses and move towards a legitimate profit.

  3. How much quantity to buy at one time? Suppose want to buy 100 shares of a particular scrip after trigger price is achieved and maximum quantity one can buy is 6. Whether to buy 6 shares lot till 100 shares are bought cumulatively?

    1. Quantity totally depends on customers wish as per their capital in Equity Cash, In Stock Future we update our performance for 1lot basis. We give buy and sell intraday calls daily basis without mentioning quantity in SMS..Hope your doubt gets cleared now..

    1. We will not hide and update fake performance by others, we are genuine and update only real what happened on our calls. It shows your interest to know the results updated on given calls, but it seems that you are not our subscribed client. We will update today now…

    1. Very much Thanks for reading our blog and we expect to join in our service and if any more doubts can be email or call personally so the best service can be given with best satisfaction.

    1. No free trial available with us.We have very low fees of Rs502 for Intraday Equity cash which is not for trading for new client, you can just watch and decide whether the service provider(we) are worth(genuine) to you or not.

        1. Yes, Kindly check our 3days paid trial for Rs300, so you can have idea, we will give calls in advance before 5-10moinutes to your mobile and follow-up calls given and original genuine performance will be updated in daily basis..


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