Top 10 Rich persons in India

Every year Forbes releases their many surveys and yearly ratings and their current votings and data’s which they receive from different countries. Now this year Forbes releases its Top 10 Richest Indians for this year. Top 10 Rich persons are familiar with their business and their traditional business for somebody.

1. Mukesh Ambani – Among Indian Richest persons Mukesh Ambani stands for the consecutive fifth time. Mukesh Ambani’s total asset value is 160 crores even though his asset value reduces 2100 crores while dollar price reduces (INR 1.13 lakh crores) but also he stands No.1 among the richest in India. He deals with Petrochemicals, Oil and Gas. His Reliance Industries remains most valuable company in India. He ranks 19th richest man in world.

2.Lakshmi Mittal –  He is the 2nd richest person in India. His total asset value is 300crores less and now its 1600 crores dollars, when compared to Reliance Industries Chairman and CEO Mukesh Ambani its nearly 500 crores dollars less. Even though he is residing in London and he is called as “King of Steel” as he is a Steel Maker and producers among the top in world. He is the 21st richest person in world.

3.Azim Premji – He is well known one of the person in India who is owning Wipro Computers one of the top leading company in manufacturing of computers and other allied products in different segments. His net worth is 1220 crores and he stands on 3rd richest man in India. Worldwide he is ranking 41st richest man.

4. Pallonji Mistry- He is the richest among the top 4th person in India and he keeps an worth of 980 lakhs crores and he is largest share holder in Tata Group of Ratan Tata and his son Cyrus has been new sucessor of Ratan Tata.

5.Dilip Shanghvi – Dilip Shanghvi enters the top five for the first time as shares of his Sun Pharmaceutical, which he founded in 1982, gained 48 percent in 12 months, hitting a record high in October. He is the country’s most valuable drug maker with a market cap of 14 lakh crores. Shanghvi’s net worth is 920 lakh crores.

6.Adi Godrej – He is well known in many of the products in India which starts from consumable to real estate and others. He is top India richest person in India. He is the Third generation to lead the 115-years-old Godrej Group companies, a 3.8 lakh crores  consumer goods conglomerate, Adi Godrej is the sixth in the list with a net worth of $9 billion. His family’s fortune is up due to rising value of their biggest asset, a 3,500 acre estate in suburban Mumbai.

7.Savitri Jindal – Many of the elder peoples are well known by this name Savitri Jindal who is the wife of Late OP Jindal and he is one of the largest steel maker in India and its exports gives more revenues and she ranks 7th person among the richest in India. Her net worth is 820 lakh crores whi is less comparing to last year and she ranks 80th richest person in world.

8.Brothers Shashi and Ravi Ruia – Essar Group – They ranks as 8th richest persons in India their both net worth comes near about 810 lakh crores and they are very worldwide doing business in more than 25 countries for past more than 15years and they are listed in London Stock Exchange and their net asset value decreases due to dollar price fluctuation and more related to that.

9.Hinduja Group – The Hinduja brothers Prakash, Srichand, Gopichand and Ashok make their debut this year owning  a renewed focus on Indian operations. Their net worth value for this year is 800 lakh crores.  Their name main company Ashok Leyland has a 25 percent share of the commercial vehicles market in India. Internationally, the group is going high up its automotive, oil and wealth management operations.

10. Kumara Mangalam Birla –  He is the youngest of the top ten richest persons in India. His net worth is 780 lakh crores and his 400 lakh crores. Aditya Birla Group is getting ahead to meet the target of 650 lakh crores turnover by 2015. In the past one year, he has been busy deal making across businesses from retail to mining and media. He is one of the largest group which they deals from all segments in India.

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