Different ways to Invest in Gold

We have several precious metals in world like Platinum, Rhodium, Palladium, Osmium, Bismuth, Tellurium, Gold and Silver. Gold and Silver are called as Bullion.

What is Bullion?

Bullion is nothing but it valued according to its demand and supply of market and the worth of the metal which and how it is mined. Precious metals available from the smaller size in the pure and bulk form is known as Bullion. Gold and Silver are very commonly known as Bullion as its demand is growing day by day.

From the past several centuries the word gold is costlier to say but all are attracted due to the appreciation of yellow metal. Many people buy gold as of their commitments and its not a regular practice to buy. But for last 6 years gold has given an very big profit and also a new way of investment. Many people use gold as an investment and but only physical buying of gold is not much safer in this world, so most of the people don’t know How to Invest in Gold here we say some ways whichever presently available and approved by World Gold Council and SEBI.

invest in gold

Investment in gold contains different ways and many are unknown and may are following the same.This blog is to make an aware and to have an new idea which is unknown.

1. Physical Gold : Investment in physical gold is very old method which is usually practiced by all and one of the commonly known method of investment in gold. We need to invest in gold if we have the real chance and opportunity to make use of them. Gold bars and coins, ornaments, can be made any time as per our wish in any design if we buy gold coins or bars. Otherwise the below said ways of investment is much better as there are many frauds and illegal happening in physical gold. We need to see the purity, quality of gold, 22 or 24 carat of gold, genuine jeweler in market and who charge less for making charges and all included in this. Physical gold are always very danger now a days as thieves have more chance to grab from us as the price of gold is getting higher daily. We need Safety first for our investment with growing.


2. E-Gold : E Gold Investment is one kind of investment which one can buy gold every month are when ever we like, This is approved by NSEL National Spot Exchange Limited in India and we need to have an demat account as we trade on stocks and many of the major stock broking firms are giving this facility. They will just invest in our name and it will be in our demat account and it can be also taken in physical delivery but it costs VAT, Octroi (If applicable) and Delivery Charges. It is almost like Gold ETF.

 3. Gold Funds : Gold Funds are nothing but like usual mutual fund Investment and the fund is being invested in Gold mining,extracting and form of gold related  companies and the growth depends on that company and not in gold market prices. This is also one of the way of Investment in Gold but we can have only small quantity of gold as physical delivery.

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