BSE Sensex raises more than 6000 points in 2014

This 2014 is the great profitable year for the traders and brokers as NSE and BSE seen many new fresh highs ever seen before. BSE Sensex has raised 6000 points which not happened in the history of market. Growth is much tremendous and fast which not happened for past five years. Sensex raised 29% this year and touched new high and also in 2015 this can be expected.

Blue Chip Index  

From January 1 to December 28, 2014 29% increment in Sensex gave 6038 and the Blue Chip Index alone raised 7817 points if also raised in the last trading session of the year then the record beats in 2007. Till time 2007 called as Golden period for the Indian market as given more unexpected profits in 2007 and in 2008 its recession time so market made a great downfall. If the Sensex raised above 6500 points in 2014 it is great remember able moment.


From the beginning of this year FII’s increased the investment in India as the expectation raised a lot against Bharathiya Janata Party and also won in great majority so the Investors from Domestic and FII began to dump in India and several times market touched a new high and currently 8717.95 is the last new high created.

Like the same as its year end FII’s are interested to sell the stocks and take the profits, so for past few days market went upto 8185 and as per yesterdays close market ends at 8317.95

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