5 Reasons to Prefer Sure Shot Calls

Every trader and investor need to see profits in all trading for the amount invested. Yes we do not mind market where who made loss anywhere. In spite of doing many calls in a day sitting throughout the day is becoming trend less now a days. Doing a single call with maximum profits and confidence to reach our targeted profit gives some sense in intraday trading. Lets see below what are the main factors that make sure shot calls more worthy.

  1. One trading call per day
    2.High Level of Accuracy
    3.More profit with little loss
    4.Low Cost
    5.Client Satisfaction

One Trading Call Per Day

People who are in job and doing business do not find much time to trade daily. But they have their capital and interest for trading and to earn profits, but time does not co-operates them. In this condition doing many calls will interrupt in their daily routine work. But if preferred for someone who gives only one call with high accuracy can be choose. Doing this one call may arise at any time of market hours, there are no certain time to complete the trade or investment. Pure intraday or positional calls doing one call per day with high level of accuracy is called as sure shot calls.

sure shot calls

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High Level of Accuracy

As the number of call is less proportionately accuracy level should be high. If we are expecting high level of accuracy we need high level of patience to wait for the opportunities in market to see profits. This can be happened at any time of markets. As all the time market does not reacts as per our expectation. The only thing  is choosing the call is very important. This depends on technically,fundamentally and many other factors. Maintaining above 85% or 90% is acceptable accuracy level is sure shot calls. Many are thinking that Sure shot name itself defines that it gives only profit, then why loss occurs. But in stock market its very hard without crossing loss. Stop loss are inevitable in day trading, whom so ever the advisory companies says that we are providing only profits are updating some fake performance and giving wrong guidance to join with them. Loss cannot be separated in stock market but also with some techniques we can minimize loss.

More Profit with Little Loss

less loss more profitAll traders and investors have only aim to safeguard their capital by doing only profitable calls, including me. But without trading a call, we don’t know that call gives profit or loss as a trader or investor. Discipline with patience trading is also one of the key factor to see money in sure shot calls. More profit is increasing the profit margin in the trading call, it all depends on many factors in intraday trading like choosing the momentum sector for the day, volume trading on the stock, news on stock, results announcement, global markets action will show the reaction on the stock market, so by keeping these factors we can increase trading a call with more profit or increasing the quantity simultaneously.

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Low Cost Subscription Fee

low cost more profitChoosing a low-cost service providers are very rare. If also given service with low-cost like us people have so many doubts that how we alone giving low-cost subscription. Low cost gives trust, worth-able performance, satisfaction, guaranteed returns from the calls, genuine performance updating, trial can be checked with small amount instead of checking trial for 15 days with Rs.1500 or even more. We charge only Rs.2500 and Rs.3500 for sure shot equity and sure shot stock future tips respectively. It is very low-cost and competitive price when comparing to others. Genuineness is more important in doing any kind of business.

Client Satisfaction

In any kind of business ultimately client satisfaction is more important rather making money. It gives and show how we succeed in our business. If above given all maintained in providing Sure shot calls, surely client satisfaction can be maintained automatically. We are providing Intraday calls from 2010 through this website where 80% of our clients are more satisfied and still we are approaching for 100% by maintaining our good quality. Support at all time even in market hours should be provided.

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45 thoughts on “5 Reasons to Prefer Sure Shot Calls

  1. Hi
    Sir/ Madam
    I want to go for 3 days sureshot F&O ,preferable i st choice is stock option , 2nd choice is stock future ( Capital Rs 65000/- but my preference is stock option, only one lot at a time. , you can send sms and follow up till the trade is complete, , give stock option call when market is favourable ,i mean global market specially HANG SENG AND S&P 500 VX. ,
    Thanks ,
    PS once you confirm i will on line transfer Rs 349 .00 only for 3 days trial to your HDFC BANK erode (T.N) BRANCH, ONCE IT IS TRANSFERRED BY 9 AM , WILL YOU PROVIDE CALL ((F&O) SURE SHOT scheme

    1. We are providing service on Stock Future and Equity Cash for Intraday only, more over we are providing service on Telegram app not on SMS, follow up will be given via Telegram, amount for 4days trial is Rs501 for Equity cash and Rs502 for Stock Future

  2. is there any charge for sure short intra day tips? or any fix amount to getting profit in market?
    like i dont have enough capital, so i start with 10k for intra day trading. is this enough for u guys?

    1. Apologize for delayed reply.Yes there are charges for Sureshot Intraday tips, 3days trial-Rs199,1month-Rs2500,2months-Rs4000,4months-Rs7000. No fixed amount to get profits from market.Having 10k or 50k or any amount its your wish, we do not compel clients to have fixed amount of capital, so only we are updating the performance in terms of % and not in terms of Rupees in Equity cash. Hope your doubts have been cleared.

    1. You can invest your own,but if its 30k for Equity and 50k for Stock future will be very decent and it depends on your broker also,as they give leverage for your capital you invest in your account. So check with them also.

  3. Hi Team, I have 3 lacs of money for intraday trading..How much I can when considering margin money in intraday trading..I have an account with zerodha

    1. You need to check with Zerodha for the margin, and you can check in their website,as differs for each stock. More over in Intraday minimum 5-10times exposure being given by broker firms.

  4. I am waiting for the last date of the tips provider when I would take a trial of ours firm

    Oresent one is good but scripts of price 1212 or 1431 are usually given with 10 to 15rs variation and of the same scripts daily or alternately

    say BEML or Simens

    1. Thanks for your enquiry, we can give the calls on customised service, you can know more details by mailing privately So all the information can be shared with you in detail….

  5. To earn reasonable money, how much amount one should invest per intraday call? TO be specific, if I invest 1 lac per call, then as per past performance of yours, I have potential to earn around 500/- to 1000/- per day ( 0.5% to 1%) before tax and brokerage.

    Please reply.

    1. Yes can give with upto 1% profit in intraday for price below Rs.200, Kindly take an trial and check the same..+3 or +4 is not possible on all days for the price below Rs200

      1. Presently we do not provide service for short term for 1 month to 3months if any in future to start again we will inform you via email, presently we provide service in Intraday, kindly try the same..

    1. Everything is good all it depends upon the investment you do and the returns you expect and the broker he supports for exposure in Intraday is main to earn, So if you are okay you can along with Equity Cash segment..

  6. good morning

    can u provide free trail call for nifty futures intraday as being extended by the similar tips providers in other states and even in chennai. How much u r charging for nifty 50 futre intraday trade whether Rs. 1700/ (31/08/2016) or on higher side pl inform me

  7. Have a doubt about Intraday Equity Calls?!!!
    Though you write : “One trading call per day” but past performance shows multiple trades daily !
    Please clarify and oblige.

    1. If the first call unfortunately hits SL 2nd call will be given, and also if 1st call reached TGT but if the market condition is good to if we find more opportunities then the 2nd call also will be given. Hope clarified your doubt and obliged.

        1. Yes will give, but both the calls will not trigger at a time, you will minimum time and many of the cases after completing the first call only other call will trigger, otherwise we will give time to time instruction.

    1. Thanks for your interest shown,there is 3days paid trial available for Equity cash-Rs300,Nifty Future-Rs299,Stock Future-Rs349 only. So you may take the same amount you pay is more worth to watch the calls in trial period.We do not provide any free trial..

    1. Hope to have minimum of Rs30000 which depends upon your brokers exposure. If he gives minimum 5times then you can do 1lot, if 10 times you can do 2lots approximately and it depends upon the stock we choose to trade.


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