Sure Shot Intraday Stock Future Trading tips Performance

Stock Future Trading tips Performance :

Sure Shot Intraday Stock Future trading tips will be given usually at any time of the trading day whenever the trend occurs in market. As we give single call daily more focus will be given to give high accuracy above 85% performance every day as traders need to earn upto Rs.10000 per day. Sure Shot Intraday Stock Future Trading tips will be updated in daily basis as traders need to check their profit happily. Only One Sure Shot Intraday Stock Future Trading tips will be given daily. If suppose first call of the day hits stop-loss we will give one more call to cover the loss. More easy to traders with high accuracy.

Note – For safety side kindly place Target as 0.05-0.30 paise ahead of the target given by us. For example Target is 500 in an buy call means place target in trading terminal order as 499.75 or 499.90 it depends on lot size. Because some times it may not touch round figure,so it struggles, we are unable to miss the whole profits for 5 or 25 paise. If it missed without touching exact target price within this price range, the call is treated as Target reached call and will be updated in performance as Target, so clients or visitors do not think that we are cheating you. Its an real fact after several analysis we come into an conclusion.

Stock Future Trading Tips started from June 2015 only, so there is no past performance. Below given is the performance report if traded with one(1) lot. Click the link below to check day wise performance.


November 2018  Rs26000 profit per 1 lot till 15/11/2018

October 2018  Rs69645 profit per 1 lot till 31/10/2018

September 2018  Rs74137 profit per 1 lot till 30/09/2018

August 2018  Rs51794 profit per 1 lot till 31/08/2018

July 2018  Rs161669 profit per 1 lot till 31/07/2018

June 2018  Rs38175 profit per 1 lot till 29/06/2018

May 2018  Rs37161 profit per 1 lot till 31/05/2018

April 2018  Rs87875 profit per 1 lot from Target 1 and Rs168025 profit from Target 2 till 30/04/2018

March 2018  Rs64396 per 1 lot till 28/03/2018

February 2018  Rs80900 per 1 lot from Target 1 and Rs182162 profit from Target 2 till 28/02/2018

January 2018  Rs-1900 per 1 lot from Target 1 till 31/01/2018


December 2017 profit  Rs 28894 per 1 lot from Target 1 till 28/12/2017

November 2017 profit  Rs 31625 per 1 lot from Target 1 till 30/11/2017

October 2017 profit  Rs 87675 per 1 lot from Target 1 till 31/10/2017

September 2017 profit  Rs 113975 per 1 lot till 29/09/2017

August 2017 profit  Rs 27700 per 1 lot till 31/08/2017

July 2017 20.88% profit  Rs 140249 per 1 lot till 31/07/2017

June 2017 10.46% profit  Rs 89268 per 1 lot till 29/06/2017

May 2017 13.70% profit  Rs 95100 per 1 lot till 31/05/2017

April 2017 12.01% profit  Rs 99457 per 1 lot till 25/04/2017

March 2017 11.94% profit  Rs 62035 profit per 1 lot till 31/03/2017

February 2017 15.07% profit  Rs85650 profit per 1 lot till 28/02/2017

January 2017 9.30% profit  Rs47325 profit per 1 lot till 31/01/2017


December 2016 5.05% profit  Rs27850 per 1 lot till 31/12/2016

November 2016 18.96% profit  Rs139200 per 1 lot till 30/11/2016

October 2016 6.70% profit  Rs42250 per 1 lot till 28/10/2016

September 2016 9.57% profit  Rs51925 per 1 lot till 30/09/2016

August 2016 19.39% profit  Rs117825 per 1 lot till 31/08/2016

 July 2016 12.46% profit  Rs82400 per 1 lot till 29/07/2016

 June 2016 7.30% profit  Rs40280 per 1 lot till 30/06/2016

 May 2016 4.15% profit – Rs15750 profit per 1 lot till 31/05/2016

April 2016 11.05% profit – Rs56487 profit per 1 lot till 29/04/2016

March 2016 4.04% profit – Rs22650 profit per 1 lot till 31/03/2016

Febraury 2016 0.05% profit – Rs2650 profit per 1 lot till 24/02/2016

January 2016 23.48% profit – Rs131900 profit per 1 lot till 29/01/2016


December 2015 11.91% –  Rs.56600 profit per 1 lot till 31/12/2015

November 2015 4.25% –  Rs.22650 profit per 1 lot till 30/11/2015

October 2015 5.37% –  Rs.20550 profit per 1 lot till 30/10/2015

September 2015 9.29% –  Rs.21475 profit per 1 lot till 30/09/2015 

August 2015 20.18% –  Rs.48425 profit per 1 lot till 31/08/2015 

July 2015 15.02% –  Rs.40750 profit per 1 lot till 31/07/2015 

June 2015 28.75% – Rs.59690 profit per 1 lot till 30/06/2015

We are receiving phone calls that, how are you giving Only Profit daily? Are you updating any fake performance?

No, we are not updating any fake performance, and also we dont know that. After checking the trial any one can decide what to do?

Pricing Details for Sureshot Stock Future Intraday Tips
Sure Shot Stock Future Tips

1 Day Paid Trial – Rs.199

4 Days Paid Trial – Rs.502

1 Month  –  Rs.4000 only (EMI option available – Rs2800 only, Check below)

2 Months – Rs7000 only (EMI option available – Rs4900 only, Check below)

4 Months – Rs.12500 only (EMI option available – Rs8750 only, Check below)

6 Months – Rs.18000 only (EMI option available – Rs12600 only, Check below)

EMI Option : 

We have EMI option for all monthly subscription, i.e. need to pay 70% of subscription amount up front first, you will get service for 50% of the duration in calender days from activation date. After that you can pay balance 30% fees..Example : You may pay Rs2100 for 1 month subscription, you will get service for 15 calender days, on 16th day you can pay the remaining amount and continue the subscription.

We enroll only few clients in EMI option on First come First serve basis, So kindly pay now and fix yours. Its called as Pay>>Earn>>Pay system. EMI option can be removed at any time by admin. So make use of it.

Subscribe for 4 days trial Rs.502 and you can decide further.

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28 thoughts on “Sure Shot Intraday Stock Future Trading tips Performance

  1. Sir your stock future service is very good but if you are giving only 1 call per day that’s enough. Because 2 or 3 calls per day then brokerage are very high

    1. Hope you have joined in High accuracy Stock Future calls, hope you are receiving one call per day and more over if you feel thats the brokerage is high, kindly change your trading account to Discount broker like Zerodha…

  2. Dear Madam, Your November profit is Rs 31625/- (as per detailed report inside) and not Rs 42650/- for T1 and 1 lot. Please correct the same in this page. Thanks.

  3. so again u started recommendations with two targets and u know why because excel do not look good .so just to show good returns which is not possible in one lot ( 2 reco and 1 lot ) …carry on with ur excel makeups

    1. We are not updating any fake performance,we are updating only genuine performance,then also we have written in our website individual traders to do only for tgt1, then why you are confusing, tgt2 given only for nri,hni clients, which they trade with bulk capital like 10lakhs so you can take own decision, we are not confusing or cheating or forcing to join with us.

    two recommendations and both of them given loss and to saw that to make excel good v gaurd was recommended when target is already achieved..stop playing games like this…this is not good
    moreover u shd not added in excel as u clearly wrote that to do trade on your own.
    lost trust very first day not because of loss but the make up of excel

    1. Actually checked with charts and other 3 clients they too told the same reg the sms delay, so we have removed totally from performance, its not like updating wrong..So kindly come with feedback in email and also we suggest you to add our email in google hangouts if you are interested so we can give calls via google hangouts also instantly..

  5. how can there be tgt1 and tgt2 in one lot of futures of u hv shown in performance sheet and if u hv taken two lot then update sl with 2 lot then

    1. You can trial stoploss and when the price comes nearer and you can prolong for tgt2 in stock future or nifty future, In Equity you can trial stoploss by giving 50% of quantity in tgt1 and another 50% in tgt2, if not reached tgt2 then your call will be closed in tgt1. For all these you need to be an Online trader to take decision immdtly time to time. We have updated performance sheet in Stock future for One lot in profit and and the same One lot in stoploss. We do not update anywhere for 2 lots..Hope this reply clears your doubt.

  6. How are you showing Profit on Reliance Capital Future call? The script was banned for F&O trading today. Details of which are available on NSE website.

    Can you provide some clarity?


    1. Thanks for intimating us and as per our teletalk it has been removed now. By mistake it has been updated, as they watched the call after providing recommendation. You can check now..

    1. Surely we are very happy to service you if you pay Rs503 for Stock Future 4days trial and if need on Nifty Future 4days trial is Rs501..Check the calls are receiving to you advance minimum before 2-3mins of the recommended price, so you can place the order peacefully and check whether genuine performance is being updated in website or not..

    1. Hello Sir

      Thanks for your interest to comment, on that day the high made in Bankbaroda future buy call is 170.15…Kindly please check in NSE..We follow only NSE and give calls accordingly..

    1. Please check the low for yesterday in Asianpaint stock future, which made yearly of 1040 which is our TGT2 given exactly..So the performance updated as TGT2. We will not update any fake performance..Please confirm back…


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