Sure Shot Intraday Stock Future Trading tips Performance

Stock Future Trading tips Performance :

Sure Shot Intraday Stock Future trading tips will be given usually at any time of the trading day whenever the trend occurs in market. As we give single call daily more focus will be given to give high accuracy above 85% performance every day as traders need to earn upto Rs.10000 per day. Sure Shot Intraday Stock Future Trading tips will be updated in daily basis as traders need to check their profit happily. Only One Sure Shot Intraday Stock Future Trading tips will be given daily. If suppose first call of the day hits stop-loss we will give one more call to cover the loss. More easy to traders with high accuracy.

Stock Future Trading Tips started from June 2015 only, so there is no past performance. Below given is the performance report if traded with one(1) lot. Click the link below to check day wise performance.


May 2017 8.90% profit  Rs 56700 per 1 lot till 22/05/2017

April 2017 12.01% profit  Rs 99457 per 1 lot till 25/04/2017

March 2017 11.94% profit  Rs 62035 profit per 1 lot till 31/03/2017

February 2017 15.07% profit  Rs85650 profit per 1 lot till 28/02/2017

January 2017 9.30% profit  Rs47325 profit per 1 lot till 31/01/2017


December 2016 5.05% profit  Rs27850 per 1 lot till 31/12/2016

November 2016 18.96% profit  Rs139200 per 1 lot till 30/11/2016

October 2016 6.70% profit  Rs42250 per 1 lot till 28/10/2016

September 2016 9.57% profit  Rs51925 per 1 lot till 30/09/2016

August 2016 19.39% profit  Rs117825 per 1 lot till 31/08/2016

 July 2016 12.46% profit  Rs82400 per 1 lot till 29/07/2016

 June 2016 7.30% profit  Rs40280 per 1 lot till 30/06/2016

 May 2016 4.15% profit – Rs15750 profit per 1 lot till 31/05/2016

April 2016 11.05% profit – Rs56487 profit per 1 lot till 29/04/2016

March 2016 4.04% profit – Rs22650 profit per 1 lot till 31/03/2016

Febraury 2016 0.05% profit – Rs2650 profit per 1 lot till 24/02/2016

January 2016 23.48% profit – Rs131900 profit per 1 lot till 29/01/2016


December 2015 11.91% –  Rs.56600 profit per 1 lot till 31/12/2015

November 2015 4.25% –  Rs.22650 profit per 1 lot till 30/11/2015

October 2015 5.37% –  Rs.20550 profit per 1 lot till 30/10/2015

September 2015 9.29% –  Rs.21475 profit per 1 lot till 30/09/2015 

August 2015 20.18% –  Rs.48425 profit per 1 lot till 31/08/2015 

July 2015 15.02% –  Rs.40750 profit per 1 lot till 31/07/2015 

June 2015 28.75% – Rs.59690 profit per 1 lot till 30/06/2015

We are receiving phone calls that, how are you giving Only Profit daily? Are you updating any fake performance?

No, we are not updating any fake performance, and also we dont know that. After checking the trial any one can decide what to do?

Pricing Details for Sureshot Stock Future Intraday Tips

4 Days Paid Trial – Rs.503

1 month Package – Rs.3500

3 months Package – Rs.7000

4 months Package – Rs.11000

Subscribe for 4 days trial Rs.503 and you can decide further.



    sir 23rd and 24th may stock future calls will be updated sir?

    • Unable to update due to some power issues, now it has been updated and its ready to your view. Hope you might join in monthly subscription in stock future segment.

  • Harshal Desai

    How are you showing Profit on Reliance Capital Future call? The script was banned for F&O trading today. Details of which are available on NSE website.

    Can you provide some clarity?


    • Thanks for intimating us and as per our teletalk it has been removed now. By mistake it has been updated, as they watched the call after providing recommendation. You can check now..

  • Luky

    I need future calls trial

    • Surely we are very happy to service you if you pay Rs503 for Stock Future 4days trial and if need on Nifty Future 4days trial is Rs501..Check the calls are receiving to you advance minimum before 2-3mins of the recommended price, so you can place the order peacefully and check whether genuine performance is being updated in website or not..

  • jatin agarwai

    27 jan ur bankof boroda call made high 169.20 ur 2 nd tgt was 170 u mentioned it that ur 2nd tgt acchived.

    • Hello Sir

      Thanks for your interest to comment, on that day the high made in Bankbaroda future buy call is 170.15…Kindly please check in NSE..We follow only NSE and give calls accordingly..

  • dibyendu roy

    nov 6 asianpaints stock future call terget 2 was 1040 the stock came down to 146 lowest but u updaet in ur website it achive 2nd target.

    • Please check the low for yesterday in Asianpaint stock future, which made yearly of 1040 which is our TGT2 given exactly..So the performance updated as TGT2. We will not update any fake performance..Please confirm back…

  • Ajay Tyagi

    You only have 2 days data for Sep 2016 and figures are not too great. why?

    • Our Technical Analyst was on leave for one week so there are no calls, from 14/09/2016, we started our service, we will update the performance today,so you can check the same in our website.

  • sachin

    I have paid trail 503 for future 4 days but not recievd any type of conformation msg from your company. My mo no is 8149805270

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