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Past Performance we update in the website on daily basis. What ever the performance updated here is original and genuine. We do not have the practice of updating fake performance to attract traders to join in our website. Traders have the chance to check the performance by joining in 4 days trial for any package. Genuine calls with consistent profit and updating actual past performance makes us to stand as one of the leading Stock market advisory companies since 2002. 4 days trial is more helpful to check how the calls are being given, when the calls will be given daily, follow up calls given or not. These can be known only by joining in 4 days trial. We provide same calls for 4 days trial customers and monthly subscription customers whoever join. Actual performance will be updated above 6 pm daily. As we explained already about things need to considered during stock tips trial period.

Sure Shot Equity Tips Performance Data

Sure Shot Stock Future Tips Performance Data

Nifty Future Tips Performance Data

All the above performance data are real and genuine information. We never update any fake performance record in our report.


  • Ashok

    Yesterday I made payment for trial pack of Stock Future. But till the time no call received. Direct email sent. Reply not given.
    No phone call, no email, no sms !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Already the issue has been forwarded to service provider reg non delivery of your mobile no. Till now reply not received to us, we have asked for alternate no, you told as only one mobile no, with you, so as discussed will follow your mobile no and also will give call via email also. From tomorrow your trial starts for 4 working/trading days.

  • Ashok

    In today’s past performance of stock future you reported IDEA sold @90.5 and exited with T1 @ 89.5. But the lowest price was 90.35 then how you could exit @ 89.5 ?

    • Already replied via email, mistakenly it has been updated wrongly as tgt1, so now removed and updated correctly, Thanks for notifying us and will not be repeated again.

  • Arum

    I thought I would write this review – I associated with the IP tips for more than 9 months now and I can say that they are genuine – not a rocket calls providers but very simple and genuine providers. If users can follow clear target and SL maintained in their calls I can assure you for minimum of 12 to 20 percent target for a whole month. I would definitely recommend their tips for others whoever wants to give a try- need to say their pricing is normal compared to other hefty packs outside.
    Note: It would be great f you can provide some discounts for your existing long terms clients so that it would be beneficial for both of us to work together in long terms, you can call me if you wish to do so + 09972411415
    Thanks for your genuine tips and hope the trend continues and getting better in future !

    • Thanks for your reply. As you said we are genuine and update all the calls daily. We are providing discount if you are taking for 3months or 6months comparatively with other stock tips provider in market they charge minimum 7k to 10k per month with updating only fake performance and saying all false promises, but we do not give any hype for sales, we believe only our work, if surely client likes us they will be an long term client with us as like you. So kindly go for 3months or 6months to enjoy discounts with us.

  • Ashok

    Dear Sir/Madam, As you say you are updating past performance on daily basis.
    But I couldn’t find performance for 20.03.2017 (yesterday).

    • All the performance are updated up to date, kindly please check now and proceed for subscription. If any doubts you are welcome to call via mobile 9003634565 or email directly..

  • Biswajit

    My trial pack was expired 2 days back . within that 4 days period . there is was no loss no gain . my 502 was in vain.

    all the earnings within 7,8,9,10 were lost in 2 SL .

    I want to take another trail pack . Please suggest .

    Without gain how could someone take monthly package ??

    If someone interested can call me @ 07008666492

    • Actually we never said to trade in trial period, and we have given what should be done in trial period in below given page. And also profit and loss are common in stock market, more over we never assure 100% profits for the whole month, and also you cannot judge an service provider within the 4days. Whatever 4days you received the intraday calls check whether we update genuine updation or not? But generally we never encourage for 2nd trial for same client, Since you ask you proceed the same for trial, and also more than this do not try for trial, kindly go for monthly subscription package. And we have called from 09042634565 to your mentioned mobile no, but there was no response..Hope you understand and trust the same.

  • jay PUKAR

    how much minimum capital required to start trading

    • Actually you can trade with an minimum of Rs10000(Eqiuity cash) also, but all it depends upon your expectation of profit and how much your broker gives exposure for you..So decide both the factors first and you can decide your capital..Kindly Subscribe and check how we provide calls on intraday..

  • Sharfoddin

    Why you are not giving tips on nifty options

    • As we have more number of clients and we are not taking any new client presently.So we are also not updating in website for nifty option performance..You can try to join in other service what we offer..

  • M.Gnana Prakash

    today at 10 am i transfered 502 trail call,can i expect cal today,my contact no.9505571783.

  • Kindly show past performance in stock.

  • Pankaj kumar

    Pls update performance sheet.

  • Abhishek Rai

    U guys r rocking this month, fantastic target reaching calls in equity cash, Hope every month u give similar rocking calls/tips. Bt pls extend risk reward ratio minimum of 1:1.5 insted if 1:1. Thank u very much.

    • Will try the same, what you said is being done by everyone by other service providers, so we are some what change. Surely we will try the same. Thanks for your appreciation and continue with us for long term and refer others..

  • G

    Today you gave Reliance Infra sell call at 10.29 AM. It said “STOCK FUtURE CALL – SELL RELINFRA FUT ONLY 457 TGT 454.40 & 450 SL 459.25”.

    The call was active and CMP was 457.5. After that it hit the stoploss in about 3 minutes.

    However, I received another message at 12.39 PM saying Target 1 Reached in Relinfra sell call. That time CMP was approx 456.8.

    Kindly clarify.

    • The call which we gave at 10:34am and reached within 10:35am so at that time price was 457.50 and it goes up and up, after sometimes it came down and after triggering the call it reaches immediate target1 and after that target2 also. So kindly check and confirm the same in email

  • Rajendra

    Vannakam . how much to invest and in which subscription to earn minimum 30000 pm Thank you

    • Thanks for contacting us. If you are able to invest 30000 and above you can choose Intrday Stock Future to earn monthly Rs30000. For more details kindly contact us or email private to know more or read all the information given in our website which related to Stock Future.

  • Hitesh zaveri

    Ur call is very accurate
    U should give notification to client about given call is trigged.sometime client not identify that call is trigger or not.

  • saurov sen

    How much money required to trade 1 lot of Nifty.

    • Rs15000 minimum required to trade one lot of Nifty Future and also it depends upon your broker on which how much Intraday exposure he gives to you, which is very helpful to trade for Intraday.

  • viajay

    Actually you show 2nd target in your past performance. But calculate only one target. Its look like tricky. If you are considering 2 targets then you should count it for 2 lots. Same 2 lots for stop loss also. As per your calculation profit is impossible.

    Either calculate 1 lot first target and 1 lot for stop loss

    or 2 lots , 2nd target and 2 lots for stop loss..

    Pls dont do manupulations…

    • Everything is transparent,nothing is tricky. You can always exit at TGT1(for individual clients), TGT2 is for NRI and HNI clients who trade in bulk only one or two days in a week. And also if you are a online trader who wants more profit with risk also then you can also trial SL as TGT1 price and book profit in TGT1 for 50% and remaining for TGT2 or SL(TGT1 price). So finally you will be only in profit.


    Intra day

    • yes we are providing Intraday calls for Equity cash, Nifty Future & Stock Future, more details are given very clearly in our website and if any doubts can contact via email and phone

  • Subrata parui

    Can u provide only nifty option tips?

    • Yes presently we are providing Nifty Option tips but due to excess number of clients we regret to add new clients whenever we plan to start again to add new clients I will intimate you, meanwhile we provide Equity cash, Nifty Future and Stock Future tips, so you can try the same.

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