Pricing Details

We are getting many phone calls that the pricing given is very cheap to others so we are not reliable on you?

We need all Traders to reach us by making profit with our low-cost fees for daily trading tips. Instead of receiving fees Rs.8000/month, Rs.10000/month will not do anything rather having very few clients. We need more clients with happy and renewing every month, 80% of our clients renew as our performance is genuine and profitable to them. First check 3 days Trial and decide what to do?



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You can also Pay via Airtel Money or PAYTM to 9003634565 


Sure Shot Intraday Equity Tips

3 Days Paid Trial – Rs.199 only

1 Month – Rs.2500 only

2 Months – Rs4000 only

4 Months  –  Rs.7500 only

Sure Shot Stock Future Tips

3 Days Paid Trial – Rs.299

1 Month  –  Rs.3500 only

2 Months – Rs5000 only

4 Months – Rs.9000 only


Note : We provide service for all DND/NON DND mobile numbers.

At present we have Bank Cheque deposit and Online Payment gateway integrated with our website, Traders/Subscribers can pay through Net Banking/Credit Card/Debit Card from our website directly from Subscribe page by completing simple basic form. After paying via our website kindly email to regarding the details like Name, Amount paid,Mobile number, Transaction reference id (or) if paid via direct Internet Banking kindly take screen shot from banks website and attach with the email and send with the details. Without emailing the details activation of trial or monthly subscription is not possible.

If clients going to out of station or cannot watch or do the calls for any reason,can email regarding to block the service temporarily, so we will not give service on those dates, after your email we will resume service, so your money will not be wasted.

Offline Payment Mode



ACCOUNT NO – 50200020538849





After depositing cheque kindly email to regarding the details like Name, Cheque no, Deposited Amount, Bank Name, Phone number which calls to be required. For any reason Do not deposit cash. If emergency deposit Rs.200 extra with package cost.

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72 thoughts on “Pricing Details

    1. Apologize for delayed reply,hope you have taken trial and checked our calls reg genuine performance updation,timing and calls given.So kindly join for monthly subscription to earn profits.

  1. You have mentioned target 1st done, 2nd target done etc, say you have a ashok leyland buy call-> 117 for t1 120, t2 122 SL 115, In this case when stock hits first target and how you will wait for second target ? are you revising the stop loss ? for ex: if stock goes to 121 and then back to buy price, where you will exit ? basically want to know how you exit in t1 or t2 when you give t1, t2, t3 targets

    1. We strictly suggest all individual traders to exit at T1. T2 given for NRI and HNI clients who trade with bulk capital on one day in market. So Kindly do not confuse yourself if you are interested to trade on T2 you need to trial stoploss price and you need to be in front of system till the trade close.

    1. You can double the investment or you can even lose the investment both are very common in stock market, you can go with Intraday Stock future tips,every month end you can expect minimum 40k to 50k as net profit for Target 1….Hope this information is enough for you,if any more email or comment please…

  2. Hi,
    I am a beginner for this trading platform. I have 20K. You can tell me which plan should i take to achieve 70% profit in a period of 3 months. I ll get demat account by next week in hdfc. Could you advice what i have to do next? If i choose a plan for 3 or 4 months how much i get the final amount.

    1. Expecting an profit of 70% within 3months which I think its not normal,from Intraday you can earn 5-10% at the end of the month for Target 1. Pricing details page gives all details on our pricing. Your capital of 20k is less and you can try Equity Cash…

  3. Mam…Past performance sheet showing earnings for target 1 & Target 2 combined ….If we calculate only for target 1 then profit is not as much as showing in performance sheet….So plz update it for target 1 …I had two paid trail …And want to join for Diwali offer…. Thanks

    1. We have updated the past performance for tgt1 and tgt2 separately and its very easy to check without doing any calculation. Whatever the past performance we update is genuine and we are providing the same..

  4. I would like to trade in stocks ( nifty) . I will pay the trial amount tomorrow. My only question is whether you give tips only for intraday trading or medium range trading also.

    1. We give recommendations on only Intraday trading whatever the segment may be like Nifty Future, Stock Future and Equity Cash. We do not go for BTST, STBT or any kind of short term or long term delivery.

  5. Dear Team, In few reply you mentioned that there is no “free trail” but your webpage shows you provide 3 days trial call. Please see the link ”” . I already loose my 50% capital in equity segment and most of the time with the help of advisory firm or researcher. Just thinking about closing the Demat account. Somehow I manage to reach to your website, and it shows great result, which may suitable for me.
    If you have confident about your calls you can increase your client list base by providing free trial calls for 3 days instead of charging for it. My logic : If your trial calls become a success the clients will be eager to subscribe for the paid service with lot of confidence. On the other part if the calls given during the paid trial period fails you will be losing the opportunity of getting more clients. So please consider a 3 days trial period.

    1. Thanks for your suggestion but it is an paid trial of 4days, kindly check the same by paying an minimum fee of Rs502. We have confident and you need to check month end net result..

        1. It is for 3days trial for rs199 for Intraday Equity cash. You can pay via payment gateway in our website via credit or debit card or netbanking by going to subscribe page in our website..or you can use paytm(9003634565) to pay the amount

  6. Good Morning sir
    i finally recognised ur past performance welly but one things i found that u have not updated any volume of stocks traded. so whats ur strategy on volume of stocks that i have to trade on each trading day.

    regards sukant kumar

    1. We do not update volume of stock to be traded by an client, each client will have different capital and exposure from trader, how we can suggest for the volume, mentioning the volume is an absolute wrong practice which many of the websites and stock advisers follow. But we do not follow the same. On cash segment its your choice we provide buy/sell intraday calls alone.

  7. I wish the money was in USD so that it can easily be understood.I am interested in buying the profit tips myself. I hope I make profit in the first month to continue subscribing in the next month. thanks.

  8. Can I get front-line script to get 5/10% exposure. I have trading account with sharekhan & they don’t give exposure in normal scripts. Please share your last 2month past performance in my mail id.

    2 – I want to work in intra day option
    What should be the minimum capital ?
    What is your 1 month service charges for intra day option tips?

    1. Yes you can invest this amount for Intraday Future, I dont get you are to say about Nifty Future or Stock Future??You can make profit daily, but some loss are also there ..We cannot separate profit and loss totally in stock market..

    1. Hello Sir

      Thanks for your interest shown, kindly pay via our Online payment gateway integrated in our website. So if you pay before 10am on trading day, on same day your service will be activated and you will receive calls via mobile sms.

    1. All the details are given in website for the difference between intraday nifty future and intraday equity cash, for more details you can email and refer many websites to know more, All details cannot be written here, so contact in private email..

  9. hey hi,
    Ths s rajath here
    i am really impressed by your calls but first i would like to take the trial one before proceeding to the next level,
    I jus wanted to knw how long it will take for you to activate the trial once i subscribe for it.

    1. Thanks for your interest shown, if you pay within 10am in a trading day same day the service will be activated,if you pay after sometime from next trading day the service will be activated.After paying kindly email your payment details without mobile no to start the service.

        1. Generally the trial is given to check the service provider whether he gives the genuine performance updation and to check the timing of the calls reaching to you and follow up calls given or not, so we tell the clients not to trade, but trading in trial period is purely your wish..We provide same intraday calls for trial clients and monthly subscription clients.

  10. If you are so confident about your tips you can increase your clientele base by providing free trial calls for 3 days rather than charging for it. My logic is that if your trial calls become a success the clients will be willing to subscribe for the monthly/3months/6months pack with lot of confidence. On the other hand if the calls given during the paid trial period fail you will be losing the opportunity of getting more customers. So please consider waiving of the charges for the trial period.

  11. Sure Shot Intraday Equity Tips:

    Rs. 300 for 3-Day Trial, which means it is for 3 ‘Market Working Days’, right?

    If so, Rs. 2500 should be for 25 ‘Market Working Days’. But you are charging it for 1 month, which is almost 20 ‘Market Working Days’. Can you please change your plans as ‘days based’ rather that ‘month based’?

  12. I want take a service of intraday in equity.
    Starting with 3 days trial.
    So, how can i take this service.
    Please give me instructions. For payment and give me details about your work doing daily for trading.

  13. Respected Sir/Madam,
    I am new one in trading and doing trading with small investment of Rs.10000/- in nifty option only, please confirm that can you give tips in nifty option and if I take 3 days paid trail then how many call will be come in 1 day, I don’t want more call except 1 or 2 that also sure only.
    Please reply
    With Regards


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