Pricing Details

We are getting many phone calls that the pricing given is very cheap to others so we are not reliable on you?

We need all Traders to reach us by making profit with our low cost fees for daily trading tips. Instead of receiving fees Rs.7000/month, Rs.10000/month will not do anything rather having very few clients. We need more clients with happy and renewing every month, 80% of our clients renew as our performance is genuine and profitable to them. First check 3 days Trial and decide what to do?

Note : We provide service for all DND/NON DND mobile numbers.

At present we have Bank Cheque deposit and Online Payment Integrated with our website, Traders/Subscribers can pay through Net Banking/Credit Card/Debit Card from our website directly from Subscribe page by completing simple basic form.

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All the below packages can be made any type of customization as per the customer requirement at subscription time. Subscription fees may be differed.

Call 09003634565 for customization in packages.

Sure Shot Stock Future Intraday Tips

3 Days Paid Trial – Rs.349

1 Month SureShot Intraday tips Package – Rs6500  Rs.3500 only (Offer price, Rs3000 Discount)

3 Months SureShot Stock Future Intraday tips Package – Rs.7000

6 Months SureShot Stock Future Intraday tips Package – Rs11000

Sure Shot Intraday Equity Tips

3 Days Paid Trial – Rs.300

1 Month SureShot Intraday Equity tips Package – Rs4500  Rs.2500 only (Offer price, Rs2000 Discount)

3 Months SureShot Intraday Equity tips Package – Rs.5000

6 Months SureShot Intraday Equity tips Package – Rs10000

 Equity Intraday Tips

3 Days Paid Trial – Rs.200

1 month  Equity Intraday tips package – Rs.1000

3months  Equity Intraday tips package – Rs.2000

6months  Equity Intraday tips package – Rs.3000

Nifty Future Tips 

3 Days Paid Trial – Rs.225

1 month Intraday Nifty Future tips package – Rs.1200

3months Intraday Nifty Future tips package – Rs.2400

6months Intraday Nifty Future tips package – Rs.3600

Nifty Option Tips

3Days Paid Trial – Rs.250

1 month Intraday Nifty Option tips package – Rs.1500

3months Intraday Nifty Option tips package – Rs.3000

6months Intraday Nifty Option tips package – Rs.4500

Delivery Calls

1 month Delivery calls package – Rs.2000

3months Delivery calls package – Rs.4000

6months Delivery calls package – Rs.6000

After depositing cheque kindly SMS/Email the details like Name,Cheque no, Deposited Amount, Bank Name, Phone number which calls to be required. For any reason Do not deposit cash. If emergency deposit Rs.200 extra with package cost.