Sure Shot Intraday tips

Intraday trading is an art of earning money from stock market and it requires a lot of patience and time to allocate in the daily schedule. But to see money from market is not an easy thing which it always do not gives opportunity with high profits. Many people do not have time to do intraday trading in their daily jobs in office or business. But here we make it very simple and easy.

What is Sure Shot Intraday tips?

Intraday trading is commonly known to all by doing trade and getting completed within the day. But the name itself insists with Sure shot intraday equity tips given with high 75%-85% accuracy level maintaining with sure shot daily. We give sure shot intraday tips in equity initially.

Advantages of Sure Shot Intraday Tips

1. We give calls in high volume equity scripts. Only one call will be given every day. Maintaining 85% – 90% accuracy level.

2. Calls will be from NSE based equity stocks from A and E group category stocks which are commonly known as Blue chip stocks.

3. Many of the  business mans will be interest to trade daily but time does not permits them, but with this Sure shot intraday tips package their dream comes true which they can easily manage time and multiply their money daily with single call per day.

4. One can invest total capital in single call with brokers exposure. Generally broker will give 10 times for A and E group category stocks and even more which is up to brokers decision with the relationship and mutual understanding between trader and broker.

5. Calls will be given during market hours only. No pre-market or post market calls will be given. Minimum 1-3 minutes ahead calls will reach you in mobile. If traders wish calls can be given in Google talk or Yahoo messenger also.

6. Tension free to earn high amount from single call.

7. Sure shot equity tips genuine past performance will be updated daily basis.

8. To maintaining accuracy level sometimes calls may not given in choppy, trend less, range bound market times, but very rarely it happens.

Example Sure Shot Intraday Tips

BUY RELIANCE ONLY @ 700 TARGET 703.50 & 707 STOP LOSS 697.


Pricing Details for Sure Shot Intraday Equity Tips

4 Days Paid Trial – Rs.502

1 Month Package – Rs5500  Rs.3000 only (Offer price, Rs.25000 Discount)

2 Months  Package – Rs.6000  (GET 1 MONTH FREE AS 3 MONTHS)

4 Months  Package – Rs.11000.

Subscribe today to check the accuracy level.


  • Vinay kant

    I have made payment for trial period kindly acknowledge that and update my number for service.

  • Mahesh R. Mestry

    Hi, I am new in intraday trade, can u hepl me for this..

    • What details do you need, all given in website, if any doubts after reading kindly reply so then can be cleared. Subscribe us to learn and earn from Intraday…

  • Surjya Phukan

    Kiya mujhe 1weektrial mil sakta hai for equity INTRADAY

  • Dalbir Singh

    I m interested kindly mail details and also the link where I can check reports and an contact number.

  • Sridhar


    I am very much interested in Sure Shot Intraday tips and looking to make some money. I have capital of 50K and ready to take risk. Can you please let me know by what time we will receive your tips and what will be the duration for closure of your tip.

    • Thanks for your interest shown.Market is opened for an individual from 09:20am to 03:20pm, we will provide calls usually after 10am at any time whenever the trend arises and gives an opportunity to see profit. More over call closure time cannot be said all it depends upon the market condition and the call we choose. You can check trial and also you can know the genuine performance updation and timings and whatever doubts you have on the same. Hope you doubt is cleared

  • biswajit

    hello sir,
    I was just checking your nov 2016 and dec upto 14th performance report. hope its all genuine or no manipulation has been done !! … i have done some computation….lets say my intraday investment is 500,000/per day…then sir as per all nov 16 call (equity intraday sure shot call) i have to buy on an average 2000 shares…. dont you think this quantity is too much ??? bcos i hv observe even 400 – 500 intraday move market here and there … and one more thing is call timing ?? most off the call timing is too short… i mean call time and target time…only few minutes( 2-5minutes)….its very difficult to act on your call within this very much short time frame……

    please clarify.. im interested to subscribe…

    • Hello Sir

      Thanks for your interest. Kindly first check well, on the performance sheet..We have call given and call triggered time, not call target reached time, why given means you need to know how much time you have to place the order,minimum 2-3minutes will be there to make without missing any profits. More over all the website performance updated in the website is genuine and we are running for past 9years from 2007, and the investment and how much qty to buy should be decided by you, as its your capital, we only give recommendation. Hope this reply cleared your doubts..

  • Hi can you tell me how much do i need to invest inorder to make profit upto 5000Rs per day by using your tips ?

  • Venkatesh


    I was going thru and felt like investing using your tips. I was trying to understand how to do buy/sell. I have account in Kotak securities.. When we try Buy for an equity.. there is
    quantity –
    price –
    SLT Price –

    so could you pls help me understand how I could give the example Buy call that’s mentioned above:
    BUY RELIANCE ONLY @ 700 TARGET 703.50 & 707 STOP LOSS 697.

    Am not sure but SLT price, I guess is stop loss trigger price.

    Thanks in advance,

    • Thanks for visiting our website,you can trade with our calls whenever the exact price reaches then the trade triggers/starts. We give the calls in advance min of 2-3minutes, so you can place order patiently without any chasing the call and missing the profit. While placing the order you need to put stoploss price or target 1 price which is for safety, more recommended is to put stoploss price. If you are an online trader which is more advantage to you.

      • Venkatesh

        Hi Vandana,

        as my cash reserve is less.. i would try to use full margin available. Now if I buy with full margin, I can put only 1 sell.. so if I put normal sell @ Target1 then I won’t be able to put stop loss. So if I understand correctly on what you are suggesting is, put stop loss sell @ stop loss price instead of normal sell… and as i do this online, i can change the stop loss request to normal sell when it reaches target 1.. Please let me know if I understood correctly..

        Many thanks,

  • J P Rao

    What is expected level of investment?
    If you give a call for a NAV of say Rs.1000 , so for 100 shares one has to invest 1Lac. The earnings would be hardly Rs.5 to 10 per share that would fetch about Rs.500 to 1000. After selling the amount would come to account after 3-4 days, till then difficult to invest further. So maximum one can earn 1000 to 2000 per week. Hence how to accept per day Rs.5000 is possible, unless you recommend cock sure stocks of low NAV. So What would you suggest for a small investor.

  • I have heard very good things about Intraday tips.Terrific work! This is the kind of information that are meant to be shared around the web.I will be returning to your website for more as soon! Thanks for fantastic information.

  • Ravi kant

    My name is Ravi kant , I very much new in share market but still want to take risk . but not able to understand few terms like – stop loss etc . Do u have some training program short of thing with you .

    Ravi kant

    • Thanks and I Welcome you into Stock Market, all the necessary details are available in our website and more on Internet so you can study from there and if you have any more doubts kindly call or email reg this so we can help you.


    intraday trading tips and how much is minimum charges…?

  • usman shaik

    name usman shaik , 9985424561 is my num.. i would like to join be having a successfull trail .. can u offer a day trail with successful trail plz… awaiting ur response.. thanks in advance..

    • Thanks for your interest shown on trial. We have paid trial for Equity Cash-Rs300,Nifty Future-Rs299, Stock Future-Rs349 we do not provide free trial to anybody, hope you can understand. You can pay the amount from our website via payment gateway using debit or credit card, net banking. Hope the information is useful to you.

  • Sachin

    Can I get one trail .

    • Thanks for your interest shown,there is 3days paid trial available for Equity cash-Rs300,Nifty Future-Rs299,Stock Future-Rs349 only. So you may take the same amount you pay is more worth to watch the calls in trial period.We do not provide any free trial for one day also.

  • manoj sukumaran

    How can I get one day trial to evaluate before I start the service.

    • Thanks for your interest shown,there is 3days paid trial available for Equity cash-Rs300,Nifty Future-Rs299,Stock Future-Rs349 only. So you may take the same amount you pay is more worth to watch the calls in trial period.We do not provide any free trial for one day also.



        • Thanks for your interest shown on trial. We have paid trial for Equity Cash-Rs300,Nifty Future-Rs299, Stock Future-Rs349. You can pay the amount from our website via payment gateway using debit or credit card, net banking. Hope the information is useful to you.

  • jay

    8511543154 my number give me trial

    • We do not provide any free trial, we are giving 3days paid trial with very less amount to check the service we are providing,so kindly pay and use the service

  • Anil Kant Nagar.

    I want to know that can I avail paid
    trail for all segment cash
    equity,niftyfuture,&stock future.
    Your’s faithfully,
    Anil Kant Nagar.
    Mob- -8439159476

    • Yes surely you can try the 3days trial for all the segments available, You can pay through our website via payment gateway.Kindly pay and drop an email reg you payment paid..Will start the service from Monday 06/06/2016

  • Pranjal Pandey

    How can I start up with 3 day trial package

    • Thanks for your interest shown,3days paid trial available for Equity cash-Rs300,Nifty Future-Rs299,Stock Future-Rs349 only. So you may take that and pay from our website and check without trading, how it performs and we update genuine performance or not? Then you can join in monthly subscription. Hope the reply is useful for you.

      • Pranjal Pandey

        I want to use my credit card but its not showing me the details.

        • Very well you can use the same in our website, fill the form in subscribe page and click submit button, it will take to payment gateway page, there you can choose your payment mode option.After paying kindly drop an email with your name,amount paid,transaction reference id,mobile no..

  • Ashwin

    Hai madam do you start WhatsApp service

    • Will start the Whatsapp service as soon as possible..Mean while we are providing service via mobile SMS presently,sms will be reaching to you before 2-5minutes in advance, so you can do the call without missing any profits.

  • P.Ramuu

    I want intraday tips, kindly provide your knowledge

    • We are providing Intraday tips for 3 segments like Equity cash,Nifty Future,Stock Future all are called as Intraday tipsin general. May I know in which are you interested and more details we have given in our website for all segments and we given procedure for trading with our calls. Hope it will help you if you read..

  • Veena Kaushick

    I am checking your intraday stock tips performance report. In that you are recommending two targets for calls. What is the use of this? Who wait until second target. Why can’t you give one entry and one exit calls? It will be more clear and transparent for traders like me.

    • We recommend all individual traders to exit in Target 1, we are giving Targt2 for HNI and NRI clients,they will do trade any two days in a week in bulk qty, so they will wait for Target 2 and book profits fully..We have already written in our website trading rules..

  • Ameya s kuvalekar

    I am trading in intraday cash segment with volume of rs 200000 want inyraday tips package

  • Kishore Kiran

    I this equity tips segment, do you suggest quantities of shares we need to trade for your calls?

    • No, we only recommend price, sample calls already given in website. We do not mention qty because we do not know your capital. It may differ from everyone. TGT1 is !5 profit from recommended price, TGT2 is 2%-3% profit from recommended price and Stoploss is 0.6% from recommended price

  • suman gohel

    ms.Vandna Ji,

    I want intraday tips, kindly provide your knowledge

  • Pranav Sharma

    Hi Team,
    Thanks for your wonderful call Jetairways given on 28 Jan 2016. I made good profit in that sell call. Thanks lot.

    Pranav Sharma

    • Dear Pranav,
      Thanks for your feedback. Our technical team working smartly to provide maximum profitable calls to our clients. I hope you will enjoy our service on coming days also.

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