Our Service

Our Service

Our service includes SureShot Intraday tips,Intraday Equity cash calls, Intraday Nifty Future tips, Intraday Option Tips, Intraday Stock future tips, Bank Nifty tips,Delivery calls.

All the above given services includes 3 days paid trial pack, 1 month pack, 3 months pack, 6 months pack. Our clients can first realize the real time genuine transparent performance updated in website. If not satisfied they can check with 3days paid trial pack to check what we do for them. We update what happened as on our call. Daily updation after market hours within end of the day will be done.

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Customized Value Added Service :

We are providing service as per the clients need to give maximum profit to them with high customer service with taking utmost care by giving dedicated technical person to follow from our end.  We charge very normal fees when comparing to others. Try once and be a life time client with us.

Example : If any body needs to give profitable tips from particular stock so we will give attention to give profit from that alone, maintaining high accuracy level.

Contact us @ 09003634565