Option Trading Procedure

Option Trading Rules

Option is more risk when compared to others. In Option Risk taken is the Reward gained. The Option strike price may move fast when compared to others so we are very much focused to place order only in front of terminal. We need to avoid phone orders to brokers strictly while doing option. Any number of lots can be done in option with less capital compared to others.

1.Choosing the Option strike is very much important before doing an trade and it is good to place stoploss order at each trade as price movement will be in volatility.

2.Option trading rules are given to minimize loss and maximize the profit.These volatility extremes indicate the options are expensive and should be sold, or cheap and should be bought.

3.Option tips given are technical based and always more attention should be there to earn profit and we give calls minimum of 5-10minutes before so much time will be there to place order with stoploss without fail.

4.Do not panic if the call gets reverse and do not try to average at all. To minimize the loss of capital we given stoploss.If the call goes to stoploss we will give another call to cover if the market trend knows very clearly and surely to earn profit.

5.Calls which given by us belongs to current month contract and we concentrate to give only profits.

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