Equity Trading Procedure

Before doing Intraday Equity Trading they are certain procedure to follow to see profits from trade which we do in daily basis.

1. If you get intraday equity call from us kindly read completely first and apply.

2. Strictly always place stop-loss and target for each and every call.

3. Dont chase call if the price raise is far away or not yet price reached  don’t do the call.

4. Always place the target 1 in your order and if target 1 reached intraday equity traders may extend their call to target 2 by booking 50% of the shares in target. So suppose if call not reaches target 2, traders can close their call in target without any loss.

5. Dont over trade, Dont get panic if the call get reverse, strictly wait till the call closes in any one side target or stop-loss.

6. Dont average the stock if the equity call goes in opposite condition.

7. Decrease your trading after consecutive profit trades and don’t change your opinion during market hours.

Read all above intraday Equity trading procedure before get starting for doing trade using our Intraday Equity Tips.

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Equity Tips Pricing

3 Days Paid Trial – Rs.300

1 Month Plan  Rs.4500  Rs.2500 only (Rs.2000 Discount in Offer)

3 Months Plan – Rs.5000

6 Months Plan – Rs.10000

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