Equity Trading Procedure

Before doing Intraday equity trading they are certain procedure to follow to see profits from trade which we do in daily basis.

1. If you get intraday equity call from us kindly read completely first and apply.

2. Strictly always place stop-loss and target for each and every call.

3. Dont chase call if the price raise is far away or not yet price reached don’t do the call. If the price get increase or decrease in which the SMS received, if you have any doubts you can get LIVE support from us.

4. Small traders or retail traders can book full profit in Target 1 itself. High volume traders can book partial profit in target 1 and wait for target 2 by trailing stop loss. For the calls price ranging above Rs500 – Rs1000 if the Tagret 1 missed by 0.10 paise or 0.25 paise, then the call will be considered as Target 1 achieved call. Mostly it will not happen in our calls.

5. Dont over trade, Dont get panic if the call get reverse, strictly wait till the call closes in any one side target or stop-loss.

6. Dont average the stock if the equity call goes in opposite condition.

7. Decrease your trading after consecutive profit trades and don’t change your opinion during market hours.

Read all above intraday Equity trading procedure before get starting for doing trade using our Intraday Equity Tips.

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