SureShot Intraday Performance

Sure Shot Intraday performance will be given usually at any time of the trading day whenever the trend occurs in market. It is also called as Jackpot Intraday tips as we are giving with much experience after analyzing market technically before triggering any calls. As we give sure shot call daily more focus will be given to give high accuracy performance every day as traders need to earn upto Rs.10000 per day. SureShot Intraday or Jackpot Intraday tips will be updated in daily basis,mostly in real time if not within end of the day as traders need to check their profit happily. If suppose first call of the day hits stoploss we will give one more call to cover the loss. More easy to traders with high accuracy.

Key Points :

1.Earn Rs.5000 – Rs.10000 per day with only one sure shot Intraday call or Jackpot Intraday tips

2.Minimum Capital Rs.50000 enough as calls given from A,E group category stocks alone. Brokers exposure is big advantage as 5-10times exposure is guaranteed. Very useful for Business man, persons in Job. Multiply your capital from today as our accuracy levels is more in this package.

Below given is the day wise past performance report. Click the link below to check.


November 2018 1.72% profit till 13/11/2018

October 2018 32.75% till 31/10/2018

September 2018 23.82% till 28/09/2018

August 2018 9.94% till 31/08/2018

July 2018 16.27% profit till 31/07/2018

June 2018 16.52 profit till 29/06/2018

May 2018 3.46% profit till 31/05/2018

April 2018 19.52% profit for Target 1 and 27.98% profit for Target 2 till 30/04/2018

March 2018 13.14% profit for Target 1 and 30.18% profit for Target 2 till 28/03/2018

February 2018 16.80% profit for Target 1 and 31.67% profit for Target 2 till 28/02/2018

January 2018 8.54% profit for Target 1 till 31/01/2018


December 2017 11.90% profit for Target 1 till 28/12/2017

November 2017 8.25% profit for Target 1 till 30/11/2017

October 2017 9.65% profit for Target 1 till 31/10/2017

September 2017 13.56% profit till 29/09/2017

August 2017 1.55% profit till 31/08/2017

July 2017 7.76% profit till 31/07/2017

June 2017 7.05% profit till 29/06/2017

May 2017 19.10% profit till 01/06/2017

April 2017 12.45% profit till 25/04/2017

March 2017 11.85% profit till 31/03/2017

February 2017 22.20% profit till 28/02/2017

January 2017 11.35% profit till 31/01/2017



December 2016 15.70% profit till 31/12/2016

November 2016 27.60% profit till 30/11/2016

October 2016 18.87% profit till 28/10/2016

September 2016 2.70% profit till 30/09/2016

August 2016 16.57% profit till 31/08/2016

July 2016 25.97% profit till 29/07/2016

June 2016 20.00% profit till 30/06/2016

May 2016 16.14% profit till 31/05/2016

April 2016 15.04% profit till 29/04/2016

March 2016 3.93% profit till 29/03/2016

Febraury 2016 30.41% profit till 29/02/2016

January 2016 36.62% profit till 29/01/2016


December 2015 24.66%  profit till 31/12/2015

November 2015 22.43%  profit till 30/11/2015

October 2015 9.87%  profit till 30/10/2015

September 2015 13.43%  profit till 30/09/2015

August 2015 19.33%  profit till 31/08/2015

July 2015 17.25%  profit till 31/07/2015

June 2015 30.91%%  profit till 30/06/2015

May  2015  13.49%%  profit till 31/05/2015


June 2014  1.16%%  profit till 02/06/2014

Calls given in between June and December , but due to man power shortage cannot be updated. Our clients know our genuineness, Traders can join now and feel the performance.

December  2014  20.22%%  profit till 31/12/2014


January 2013 8.22%  profit till 31/01/2013 

Febraury 2013 16.64%  profit till 28/02/2013 

March 2013 7.42%  profit till 30/03/2013 

April 2013  4.28%%  profit till 30/04/2013 

May 2013  3.77%%  profit till 15/05/2013 

September 2013  12.93%%  profit till 30/09/2013 

December 2012 5.10%  profit (This segment started on 17/12/2012)

Sure Shot Intraday Equity Tips

1 Day Paid Trial – Rs.149 only

4 Days Paid Trial – Rs.501 only

1 Month – Rs.3000 only (EMI option available – Rs2100 only, Check below)

2 Months – Rs5000 only (EMI option available – Rs3500 only,Check below)

4 Months  –  Rs.8500 only (EMI option available – Rs5950 only, Check below)

6 Months  –  Rs.13500 only (EMI option available – Rs9450 only, Check below)


EMI Option : 

We have EMI option for all monthly subscription, i.e. need to pay 70% of subscription amount up front first, you will get service for 50% of the duration in calender days from activation date. After that you can pay balance 30% fees..Example : You may pay Rs2100 for 1 month subscription, you will get service for 15 calender days, on 16th day you can pay the remaining amount and continue the subscription.

We enroll only few clients in EMI option on First come First serve basis, So kindly pay now and fix yours. Its called as Pay>>Earn>>Pay system. EMI option can be removed at any time by admin. So make use of it.

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74 thoughts on “SureShot Intraday Performance

  1. Hi
    I had tried your trial pack in equity cash..your update about performance on website is doubts.. however I would like to know whether you send any SMS when call gets triggered or when SL is hit or when target is reached in paid subscription. Also do you have customised package in which when to enter/exit is provided via call as well as sms.

    1. Hello Sir

      Thanks first to find that our performance updation is genuine. This is very big challenge in this field, which we are doing for past 10years like the same.

      Reg follow up calls on those which your subscription period, some electrical work is going in our office premises for 5days, so we are unable to give any follow up calls. Presently we are doing the same. You can join with hope.

      Reg Stock Future & Equity cash you can plan to do two calls at a time in open position, then we cannot miss any profits and opportunity in market. Minimum budget for Stock Future required to do 1 lot is 40k to 50k it depends on your broker margin, check with him also. More over the best segment to earn in Intraday is Stock Future from my point of view..

  2. you didn’t update the performance sheet of 19 th September 2017 that TATACHEM & TATAGLOBAL both hits the SL and today also INFIBEAM is near to SL, only 0.10 less before your text for exit….so please suggest some better tip tomorrow that I can cover the loss of two days…

    1. We have updated the performance in wwebsite,kindly check the smae and moreover profit and loss are common in stock mkt, and mkt in this week from Monday is in sluggish condition trading with an range bound, So some times it may happen,check whether we update genuine performance or not..

  3. Hi,

    This is regarding your sure short intraday trial service.
    I want to enrol for it but have a query before I do that.
    I do not want to utilise the broker leverage. I have kept 50000 in my dmat account and I want to trade with just that. Considering this low capital and no broker money, will just be able to make any sizeable amount as my daily profit? Please advise? If yes, how much money can I make per day?

  4. I am observing your calls for past 2 days both calls performed well still u have not updated your sheet since 22nd may. Shall I trade on remaining 2 days of my trial period?

    1. We have updated the performance page, trading is upto you, trial is just to built trust on service provider, but in stock market profit and loss are common in stock market.We are providing same calls for trial and monthly subscription clients.It is for your kind info.

  5. According to you call on 17/05/2017 for tatasteel was given at 11:29am, but message for the same was received at 11;31am when your call was already triggered. Hence it was of no use by then.

    Further JSWsteel was given by you at 10:57am and received at 10:58am. And the call hit stoploss at 3:00pm approx.

    Can you please sort out this issue of late delivery of message?

    Can you provide services on hangout? Or some other internet medium which guarantees delivery as soon as sent?

  6. Hello Madam,
    I have an query please solve it.I checked your websites comments that few of the peoples said that you missed stop loss updation in performance sheet and then after you realize and then you update in the performance sheet.i want to know why you missing stop loss hit updation? And you never missed to update the target hit if target hit then you updated correctly and if stop loss hit you missing the updation and in your website few of the guys mentioned that you missed stop loss hit? Why tell me madam…

    1. Kindly check yourself by receiving our intraday calls, the comments written in website some of them may be written by our competitors also, so you cannot find them.

  7. How to you mention tgt 2 in your performance sheet. Normally all traders book half profit at tgt 1 and trail SL. Then you should show performance in the same manner. Else do you ask your clients not to book profit on tgt 1 as it would surely hit tgt 2. Plz clarify.

    1. We suggest all individual clients to book in tgt1 only. Tgt2 given for NRI and HNI clients who trade with bulk capital, which they trade only 1-2days in a week. So tgt2 which given for them. Anybody interested online trader can go with tgt 2 by trailing stoploss, we already written clearly in our website…

      1. In that case if you book profit on tgt 1 only, monthly profit %age for March 2017 would be around 4% and not 11.85%. Not showing correct profit %age is misleading, whereas %return of around 4% is average for an analyst. Plz correct if I am wrong.

        1. You can take your own decision to book in tgt1 or tgt2. We have updated the real genuine performance updation whatever the calls we given and the result happened. And also Profit and Loss are common in stock market,So you can take your own decision.

    1. All the performance are updated up to date, kindly check the same in website and proceed for monthly subscription as your trial has been expired today..Hope you watched and you have felt the genuine performance updation and enough time for calls entry…Like the same you will have in monthly subscription..

    1. Yes our past performance is 100% genuine and transparent..Kindly check with paid trial and you will realise the same, as we are providing the same calls to trial and monthly subscription clients..No hidden things at our side..

  8. If we remove/deduct profits due to TGT2 achievement, then net total profit might hardly come to 3 – 4 % per month. No retail trader will wait for TGT2 to acchieve.

  9. one more call given on 27/01/2017 i,e ADANIENT buy@ 91 triggered s/l later on triggered tgt, also but surprisingly not mentioned in
    your updated performance sheet. pls update carefully.

  10. hello sir,

    please check mail and reply..and please check that double payment issue also…its 3 days gone…i hv not get back that 2nd payment..if you also not received ..pls inform me so that i can talk to my bank.


  11. Dear Madam,
    please check mail. I have paid for equity sure shot intraday service..but I have not received any confirmation from your company. and I have done some mistake …please check my mail and kindly do the needful.

    Biswajit Das

  12. Hi vandana,
    . . . . . . . . . . . . . Today vedl call hit tgt 1 and made high of 244.9 n ur tgt2 245 so why u update tgt2 in excel sheet. I think pls improve this fault.
    . . . . . . Thank u for profit today.

    1. Kindly check in website if the tgt2 is missed by 0.10paise it is considered as tgt2 only. More over it has reached our levels know, why cannot we update Sir..If there any doubts like this kindly email the same..

      1. This is not fair that . 10 paisa considered tgt2. U improve ur excel sheet by this. From .10 paisa one missed to hit target. And what about tgt 1. Many client of ur trade with tgt 1 so pls mention an extra column for tgt 1 for views and experiences at end of month for ur many clients.

        1. You said that you are trading for two months this is the first call, that we update which missed by 10paise for tgt2..And also we have written in our website, if you found any other call previously like this you may ask the same. More over from January 2017 we are planning to remove tgt2 and give more accuracy with best results..For this we are not cheating or improving by updating false information in our performance. You are misunderstood…

  13. Oooooooo.. . Howz that hahahahaha
    I talk about sun tv today call, 2 times buy one time SL and one time Tgt bt after target its become supersonic missile. Missed tgt 2. Overall thanks intraday tips for profit at end of the day.. Keep it up.

    1. Thanks but you have not mentioned about Bhartiartl buy call given and reached TGT1..If you have done the same surely you would be in profit at the end of the day..But trying to minimise the loss and to maintain only profits…

    1. We suggest all individual clients to exit in tgt1..Tgt2 given for nri and hni clients who trade 1 or 2days with bulk capital..We have given clearly in our website reg tgt1 and tgt2…

  14. for most calls, the time difference between the calls given time and execution time is only 2-3 mins . Do the customers get timely delivery for placing the orders before execution as there is some time lag in reaching the calls to the clients through networks?

    1. You will get minimum of 2-3minutes ahead of the call in your mobile. Kindly check 4days paid trial and confirm that you are able to make profit with our calls or not. We do not provide and free trial.

    2. Hi Mam,
      I am impressed with your entire work. I have two questions to put before you. (1) After getting SMS your call generally triggered within 2-3 minutes. As a working fellow like me it is not possible to watch mobile every time to catch your SMS instantly Will you provide a missed call before sending SMS so that one must be attentive to receive your SMS and act accordingly. (2) For a particular nos of shares how much you suggest for TG1 and TG2. In your past performances triggering of TG2 is less. Suppose entire nos of share is kept for TG2 and it didn’t trigger and at this mind set Tg1 also missed out due to reversal of share then one must book large loss.How do you suggest for this..

      1. Hello Sir

        Thanks for your interest shown. We provide Intraday calls(SMS) via mobile SMS. We do not call anybody in prior or give missed call before providing call, and it is tough task to monitor everybody if they ask. You will receive minimum 2-3minutes in advance, so you can call the broker or forward the msg from your mobile no (or) you can add your broker mobile no also with paying extra Rs200 for one month. (2) We do not provide quantity of the shares to buy, its the choice of the clients as according to their capital. So they can decide to book profits in tgt1 or tgt2. But we recommend all individual clients to book in tgt1 only, tgt2 given for nri/hni clients which they do trade on 1-2days in a week with huge capital like 5-10lakhs. So we recommend to close the call at tgt1. More than that if you are interested you can trial stoploss price and book profits(50%) in tgt1 and rest in tgt2, if also the call reverses you book all the qty in tgt1 price.

        Hope this is useful and your doubts cleared.

  15. I have been associating with them I must say this, IP tips are really genuine in terms of publishing both gain and losses. Believe me their tips are not like rocket calls but consistent enough to grow your capital. Significant proven results over long term, I am using their services last 6 months I would definitely recommend. Thanks Team.

    1. Thanks for your comments positively. As we are genuine in this field we are able to satisfy clients even the markets are ups and downs or our calls may in profit or loss. But surely you will be satisfy with our calls and you will earn good also with low cost genuine service. Wherever in India you search I think you cannot get the same.

  16. Hello vandana,
    Today u gave call in equity cash Buy Bank of baroda at 160 and sell recltd at 136.75. BoB call triggered but today SL hit, and recltd call not trigerred.
    I feel that U give both (buy sell) call too late when stock already at its high and low.
    And last thing that risk reward ratio is 1:1, in my view tis should be minimum 1:2.
    Awaiting ur answer.

    1. All the calls predicted technically, every minute as an opportunity to trade for someone in stock market at anywhere. We will check it over on risk reward ration and give the best intraday calls daily.

  17. Hello Mam! I’m AASHISH DIWAN. I’ve mailed you, please check it.
    Also, answer me Can i get 3-4 calls a day for equity cash to earn more ?
    You mentioned above to a question that to earn Rs. 500 around 20-25k investment is needed with 10 times levarage which is around 0.25% of the Margin i’ve blocked in the call. Can’t this be more from your side?

    1. Thanks for your interest shown, surely you can receive 3-4 calls per day in Intraday Equity cash which it comes under customised package, so we can service you the same. Generally majority of the clients like 1-2 calls per day by knowing the result each then to open the other. Kindly email private if you have more doubts reg the same.

    1. Rs15000 minimum required to trade one lot of Nifty Future and also it depends upon your broker on which how much Intraday exposure he gives to you, which is very helpful to trade for Intraday.

  18. After 01 July 16, there in no update in past performance. How can I assure about your performance because I have already subscribe 3 days paid trail from 11 to 13 July 16..

    1. Hello Sir

      Our Technical Analyst is on holiday due to Ramzaan from 05/07/2016 to 10/07/2016, all our current paid clients we have intimated via SMS that again the service will be started on 11/07/2016-Monday on all segments,we are very genuine and transparent, you will know about us in your trial period. You subscribed on 07/07/2016,so we have intimated the start date as 11/07/2016.Hope your doubts would be cleared.

  19. Surendra Sakharkar · Edit

    Hi Vandana,

    if I want the daily profit as 500 /- rs , How much will be my Investment.?

    Can you suggest as should I go for Equity Cash or Nifty Future ?


    1. Rs20000-25000 required to earn Rs500 profit excluding broker charges daily with 10 times broker exposure,You can choose Equity cash to earn the same. If you have any more doubts kindly email or call directly 09003634565 so more details can be shared. Check our trial and decide your segment to trade.

        1. Thanks for your interest shown,there is 3days paid trial available for Equity cash-Rs300,Nifty Future-Rs299,Stock Future-Rs349 only. So you may take the same amount you pay is more worth to watch the calls in trial period.We do not provide any free trial..


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