Delivery Calls

Delivery calls are nothing but to earn more profit when compared to Intraday but there is no guarantee as the external situations globally will support for the call.More than one day holding or taking position on particular stock or any financial instrument is called as Delivery Trading.Time frame may be differed from more than 1 day.

1.We provide 5-6 delivery calls for the whole month.

2.We provide calls during market hours prior to the trigger price.

3.We maintain 70%-75% accuracy so traders can do delivery calls by maintaining strict stop loss.

4.Maximum 2 months will be the duration for single call and 2-3 calls will be in open position and traders should try to do all the calls for making profit.

5.If prices reduces for an stock don’t average without our confirmation.

6.Calls will be given only in SMS and there is no refund policy available for Delivery calls.

7.No trial available for delivery calls as target will not reach same day.Clients can check our past performance before subscribing.

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