Nifty Support & Resistance

Upcoming 2015 would be a great bright future for Stock Market as many stocks are ready to zoom high due to many reasons and maximum profits may expected upto 40% which CITI group has been estimated. 2015 predicted as an profitable year for traders and investors for many reasons like RBI may reduce the interest […]

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With election result approaching and the exit polls unanimously pointing towards a single largest party forming the government with ease; there is a wave of optimism among the investors; Nifty is trading at an all time high and INR touched an eight month peak. Everyone seems certain that there will be an immediate turn around […]

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Many surveys in India tells that Mr.Narendra Modi has more chances to become as PM for India by winning the Parlimentry elections. Surveys are just to give an idea for people and politicians where media can raise their voice on politics, but unable to say that surveys will happen like the same. Mr.Modi has given […]

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admin on September 24th, 2013

RBI Governor Mr.Raghuram Rajan announced the Monetory policy of RBi for the second quarter of the year on Friday. In this his announcement made against the expectation from several kind of people. In this Rajan has increased 0.25bps in Repo rates. The first announcement of RBI Governor made an great turning point in stock market. […]

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Nifty behaving very hard and it makes new lows in past one year and has regained again upto 5720. Huge profit booking has been happened for past last two trading sessions and waiting for Quarterly Results which going to be started from this week. Mainly Nifty is based on World Global news and USD INR […]

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