Sensex Nifty Fall on 11 February 2016

sensex nifty fall

Indian stock market for the whole day the color of the graph is red for all the sectors and we are able to see a panic session which is more than 21 month low which Nifty traded nearly -3.5% downside. Nifty Future made a low 6993 from 7205 which is 222 points down, nobody expected in single day the market will crash within hours. The sensex on Thursday closed 807.07 points

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What Day Traders are Expecting from Stock Recommendation Provider?

Every traders has their own strategy and goal to achieve profits in daily basis with their own capital. Stock market is a place where the amount invested in positional calls or day trading should be monitored by someone to safe guard the capital. In our life time we are expecting something from someone even personally or officially to earn money in business. Without dependent on some body we are unable

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Profit making in Bear Market

profit in bear market

Each and every movement of market is an opportunity to trade for someone at anywhere. Both the trends like bullish trend and bearish trend as its own value to make money. The only key success is consistency, strategies followed, discipline maintained, focus and updated time to time news on the stock gives profit at any time it may be in Intraday trading or Positional trading. Many people feel that it

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Support and Resistance levels in Day Trading

Support and Resistance plays a vital role in trading. It may be day trading or positional trading, as we are mainly dealt with intraday trading we can see how support and resistance helps greatly to know the market levels from time to time. There is no need to check the support and resistance by only technical analysts, even small trader can get daily ideas of support and resistance levels. Lets

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