What is Intraday Trading?

Intraday Trading is nothing but the trade done with less profit with at multiple times which close at the end of the same day.In simple words ,Buying and Selling the stocks in the same day before the market closes is called as Intraday Trading.

What is Intraday Tips?

Recommendation given for Intraday Trading is called as  Intraday Tips. Intraday Tips are commonly provided in all segments such as Intraday Equity cash, Intraday Nifty Future, Intraday Nifty Option, Intraday Stock Future. In todays trend Intraday Tips are also called as Intraday calls.

Why to do Intraday Trading?

1.Main advantage of Intraday Trading is you have to pay the part amount intially and so we can trade. For example if we have Rs.10000 in our account we can trade minimum upto Rs.80000 and it depends on broker. Profit is more than what we Invest less for the day.

2.The main important thing need for Intraday Trading is patience.

3.Intraday Trading alone can give you the instant profit after the order confirms. Usually Intraday trade is done at buying at low price and selling at higher price in vice-versa selling at higher price and buying at lower price can be also be done at Intraday trade by have very less margin money.

4. Very less brokerage comparing to delivery. Profit or Loss can be known in the same day before closing of the market time, if not squared off it will be taken as delivery or position so you need to pay full amount next day to broker.

5.Excellent returns in day trading if done properly and systematically with known technical parameters or buy receiving Intraday Tips from well known stock tips provider.